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There's a farm called Misery, but of that we'll have none
Because we know of one that's always lots of fun (Ha ha!)
And this one's name is Jollity; believe me, folks, it's great
For everything sings out to us as we go through the gate

All the little pigs, they grunt and howl (Grunt, howl, grunt, howl)
The cats mee-yow
(Mee-yow, mee-yow)
The dogs bow-wow (Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff)
Everybody makes a row down on Jollity Farm

All the little birds go tweet, tweet, tweet
The lambs all bleat
And shake their feet
Everything's a perfect treat down on Jollity Farm

Regular as habit the cocks begin to crow
And the old buck rabbit sings 'Stuff it up your jumper'

All the little ducks go quack quack quack
The cows go moo
The bull does, too
Everyone says how do you do down on Jollity Farm

Barry Kilgariff, voice
Darci Clare, noises off
Gummo Clare, ukulele
Jane Clare, percussion
Linda Clare, xylophone
Nick Clare, bass guitar
Nicky Turner, sundries
Peter Clare, trumpet and tuba
Roland Clare, piano

Martin Clare Music Fund Roland and Martin listened to the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band from the late 60s onwards and were delighted to witness their 2006 reunion in London. This particular song must have been sung dozens and dozens of times on joint family holidays, and its rustic theme seemed appropriate for Fairford life. Next item | Order of Service