Anna McGarrigle

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Like the seeds of the weeds in an Autumn wind
We met out in mid-air
And fell together in a patch of ground
And grew to be a pair
But not a pair in the usual sense
As you were much too tall
With curly hair, while mine was straight
And I was much too small

We were like interlocking pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of life

Now the puzzle is faded, half the pieces are lost
It's limp with ten years’ wear
Our edges are ragged and the fit is loose
I guess that we'd best take care
Our scene is pastoral, naive like our minds
Not fun to be in some times
We want a change from the fields and the skies
And crave some dots or some lines

We were like interlocking pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of life
In the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Amy Housley, voice
Franki Dodwell, voice
Gummo Clare, mandolin
Jane Clare, violin
Linda Clare, ’cello
Nick Clare, guitar
Peter Clare, percussion
Roland Clare, piano

Martin Clare Music Fund Martin loved the music of Canada's McGarrigle sisters, and saw them play in concert several times. Kate died in January 2010, and at her memorial concert at the Royal Festival Hall Anna McGarrigle said, 'There's a great consolation in having children, because when your sister's not around they can sing with you.'. The family asked Amy and Franki to take the sisters' parts: they are friends from Fairford, and Amy received much musical help from Martin. Next item | Order of Service