Jelly Roll Morton

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Mp3 here of the
arranger's very
raw demo

Rehearsing 'Dead Man Blues' in situ Members of Farmor's School Jazz
Band, 'Just in Time', except those marked *

Amy Housley, cymbals
Andrew Illman , cornet
Ben Woodard, alto saxophone
Dom Brown, guitar
Dominic Mayhew, bass drum
Franki Dodwell, tambourine
Gummo Clare, guitar-banjo
Harry Livall, bass trombone
Louise Matley, triangle
Peter Clare, cornet *
Roland Clare, clarinet, arranger *
Seth Bye, accordion
Simon Mumford, flute *

Martin Clare Music Fund

This piece was chosen to commemorate Martin's love of jazz; Nicky specially wanted 'Just in Time' to play because Gummo was their bassist for three years and Martin always managed to catch them; his last outing was to their Cheltenham Jazz Festival appearance in May. Roland recalled hearing Dead Man Blues on a record in 1969, when devising music for a multi-media War Play presentation. The picture shows some of the Farmor's band practising the slow march at a morning rehearsal.

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