Martin Clare
Music Fund

Bulletin from
Farmor's School, Fairford
February 2013

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To all those who have contributed so generously over the last year-and-a-half, thank you; and here, finally, is some news of the students who are benefiting from your generosity.

We have been supporting six students over the last year, all of whom have demonstrated much enthusiasm and commitment both to their music and to the Department. We hope to show this in a small concert at school in April – details to follow. Here is a brief profile of our students.

William Bevis

is in Year 7, so has just joined the school. He has already gained Grade III violin with merit, and the Martin fund has enabled him to start 'cello lessons, which he was very keen to do.

Gabriella Graham
is an enthusiastic singer in Year 8 who needed some extra funding just for this year. 

Toby Reed
is in Year 9 and is an accomplished 'cellist, who also needed support to continue this year.

Hugh Simpson
is a multi-instrumentalist in Year 10 who is an excellent trumpeter and who has played in the senior jazz band since he first came to the school (he also played in the marching band at Martin’s funeral). He is one of our foremost musicians and needs support to enable him to continue.

Maggie Harrison
is a Year 11 pianist who is taking music in the Sixth form next year, and has needed some support to enable her to continue.

Seth Bye
is a Sixth-former who is another multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about folk music, and an accomplished busker. The Martin fund has enabled him to have piano lessons to complement his violin and viola studies.

Although the launch of the fund seems to have taken a little while and has been somewhat low-key we are happy now that we are reaching the right people. It is no doubt easier to work out whom to support in a community school such as Farmor’s. Above all it has become increasingly obvious that support for school-age musicians is increasingly essential. Sadly, fewer families can support the cost of lessons and the current political climate is having a demonstrably catastrophic effect on the arts, and music in particular. The Martin fund seems to have become far more necessary than we could ever have imagined at the time of founding it.

With thanks again for your continued interest and support,

Nicky Turner and Louise Matley

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